The Design Museum

Working with curators

Home Futures

We were commissioned by The Design Museum to produce a film for their 2018/19 exhibition ‘Home Futures’. This short version was used as marketing for the exhibition. It features interviews with prominent architects, designers, journalists and philosophers on the subject of the ‘home of the future’.

Exhibition copy:

The ‘home of the future’ has long intrigued designers and popular culture alike. Immerse yourself in a series of dreamlike passages and rooms designed by New York-based architects SO-IL and explore yesterday’s visions of the future – as avant-garde speculations are displayed alongside contemporary objects and new commissions.

Discover more than 200 objects and experiences to trace the key social and technological aspirations that have driven change in the home. Historical notions of the mechanised home and the compact home are displayed alongside contemporary phenomena such as connected devices and the sharing economy.