Cocoa is my Livelihood


When farmers have plant health problems, they need expert advice to protect their yields and provide for their families. This is where plant clinics and plant doctors are making a difference for smallholder farmers like Phu in Vietnam.

We were commissioned to produced this film for CABI and it was viewed by over 6 million people.

CABI is an inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization set up by a United Nations treaty. Its mission is to improve people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

"We have been working with TMAX for over 5 years now on various documentary style and animation videos. Their knowledge, expertise and approach to each project is always highly professional and inspired. During the filming phase they immerse themselves fully in each project, making the post-production stage very smooth and enabling them to produce a final video with a deep understanding of the message we are trying to get across. It is always a joy to collaborate with TMAX and we would highly recommend them to anyone."

Sarah Hilliar | CABI