Anne Frank Trust

Digital Project

I Imagine That... 

Anne Frank Ambassadors call for an end to prejudice.

Composer: Pete Letanka
Poet: Amina Jama
Pianist: Jess Maryon-Davies
Soprano: Nardus Williams
Baritone: Benson Wilson
Bass: William Thomas
Anne Frank Ambassadors: Students from Highfield Academy & Woodside High School
Lighting: Gary James & Chris Savvides
Camera: Alex de Palma & Dominique Piat
Producer: Katherine Wilde
Director/editor: Harry Zundel

The brief was to make a 10-minute film for the Anne Frank Trust, to raise awareness of their work. The Anne Frank Trust empower young people by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination.

The Trust released the film online on Holocaust Memorial Day through social media, disseminating its anti-prejudice message and raising the profile of the charity. They have fed back that the film has significantly raised the quality and impact of their youth empowerment projects.

Tim Robertson, CEO, wrote: "it shows that we can do something of world class – a model we will be taking forward in our future projects."

You can find out more about this project in our case study here.