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Who we are
We are a friendly team who make films.
We are a collaborative team who work well with our clients.
We are a trustworthy team, who always deliver on time and on budget. 
We are an experienced team, so you'll be in safe hands. 

That's why some of our clients have been working with us for over a decade. 

Recent News
Since lockdown we have been lucky to work on some exciting projects.

La Voix Humaine for Welsh National Opera

La voix humaine is a 40 minute, one woman, single scene opera. Performed by the amazing Claire Booth who delivers a powerful performance. The singing and piano accompaniment were recorded live to give the viewer an authentic, live experience. Our approach to the capture of this performance was focused on giving the audience as close a feeling to a live experience as we could, whilst utilising the ability of film to get in close and provide intimate viewing angles. The best seat in the house! The film can be viewed through the WNO website

Canned Laughter

Our intention is to develop an affordable live-streaming service for arts and theatre venues at this time when it is so hard to produce and perform live theatre. We can offer a multicam, high production value capture without the need for a large crew and prohibitive budgets, still maintaining a reliably high production value output. We do this by collaborating closely with the venue crew and creative. For Canned Laughter, we performed a five camera live-stream of their comedy evening to help raise funds for local food bank charities. You can view the stream here.

What happens in our body when we sing? BBC Bitesize

Working with English National Opera, we produced a series of educational videos for the BBC Bitesize platform, that shows what happens in our bodies when we sing. Filmed with social distancing in place, this production was a mixture of live action and animation - view the film here.